Do You Know Someone who...

Has sung for Queen Elizabeth (the 2nd!) in Liverpool, at a Royal Command Performance;

Was entertained by Jeannie Robertson in her "prefab" outside Aberdeen, one week after Joan Baez made her pilgrimage to collect "The Four Marys";

Had her guitar played and admired by Mississippi John Hurt at the Mariposa Festival in Canada;

Had the same guitar repaired by Jose Feliciano at their shared gig at Gerdes’ Folk City in New York;

For whom Gordie Lightfoot "gave a day in his life" in Toronto;

Dances jig doll replicas given by Jean Ritchie from her Appalachian family toys;

Was an integral part of Ken Dodds's touring 'One Man Show'. He recorded Jacqui and Bridies's song 'Pink and Pleasant Land' and featured it in one of his TV Extravaganzas.

Provided, along with her late singing partner, Bridie, an early venue for performers such as Fred Jordan, Doc Watson, Ewan & Peggy, Martin Carthy, Barbara Dixon, Peter Bellamy, The Corries, The Johnsons, Don Partridge,Tim Hart & Maddie Prior, and Phil Oaks to name but a few!!

Also provided an early venue for the exchange of ideas amongst aspiring Liverpool artists like Willie Russell, Arthur Dooley, Stan Kelly, Alvin Stardust. Rumour has it that John & Paul attended some J & B Philarmonic concerts!!!

Provided B & B for Mr & Mrs Pete Seeger, and had the hospitality reciprocated at their home in the USA;

With Bridie, ran a live chat show on Radio Merseyside for seven years;

Was female singer for three years with The Spinners;

Sang regularly in the LIVING section of the Liverpool Maritime Museum;

Is part of a Jacqui & Bridie exhibit in the section of the Museum of Liverpool Life as examples of people who have contributed to the musical life of Liverpool;

Still provides a monthly folk club in Liverpool, at Sefton Park Cricket Club generally on the third Tuesday in the month (always closed in August), as well as regularly touring in North Ameria, New Zealand and Australia, in addition to appearing at other venues around the UK, by request!

Jacqueline McDonald is the name.