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Jacqui's Best Loved Songs Vol. 1

'Herself' Live at the Philharmonic

Jacqui's Best Loved Songs Vol. 2

Well Met Liverpool Spinners Live

Jacqueline of All Trades

Liverpool's Favourite Folk Songs Limited Edition Book

Lady of The Sounds

Tools of the Trade Re-issued Lps on CD

Jacqui's Best Loved Songs Vol. 1

  1. The Rose.

  2. If Wishes were Fishes.

  3. South Wind.

  4. Hold Back the Dawn.

  5. I Loved a Lad.

  6. Dear Elizabeth.

  7. The Wind Beneath My Wings.

  8. Slightly Faded.

  9. I have Seen the Highlands.

  10. Nothing Left.

  11. North of Northwest.

  12. Lay the Bent to the Bonnie Broom.

  13. Roses, Roses All the Way.

  14. Rest and be Thankful.

Jacqui's Best Loved Songs Vol. 2

  1. Miner Lad.

  2. What was the Colour?

  3. Never Be the Sun.

  4. Everything Possible.

  5. Creation.

  6. When Morning Stands on Tiptoe.

  7. The Gentle Rain of England.

  8. Michael Flynn.

  9. Heather Across the Hills.

  10. The Gate of the Year.

  11. Dumbarton Drums.

  12. Windows of the World.

  13. Lilac Lady.

  14. Love's Last Song.


Jacqueline of All Trades

  1. The Peacemaker - a vital job- Jacqui.

  2. Champion at Keeping them Rolling (lorry driving) - Ewan MacColl.

  3. The Blacksmith - Trad.

  4. Liverpool Roving Jack - Trad - tune J & B.

  5. Walk Shepherdess Walk - Trad.

  6. Recruited Collier - Lynn's Trad. Song.

  7. Coorie Doon - Matt McGinn's Lullaby.

  8. What's the Use of Wings.
    Parenting - Brian Bedford.

  9. Water of Tyne - Trad.

  10. Shoals of Herring - Ewan MacColl.

  11. The Lover's Toast - Trad.

  12. Sovereign of The Seas - Jacqui's family song.

  13. Grey Funnel Line - Cyril Tawney.

  14. Standing Stones Ballad - Trad.

If you would like to hear a sample of Massacre of Glencoe then you can download here
Download now (1Mb)

Lady of The Sounds

  1. Massacre of Glencoe - poignant song of a feud.

  2. Ned of the Hill - Trad.

  3. Lish Young Buy-a-Broom - Trad. Tale of a rural pick-up.

  4. The Unquiet Grave - Trad.

  5. Pokare - Lynn's version of a Maori song.

  6. Ae Fond Kiss - Burns.

  7. Liverpool Bay.

  8. Somewhere in America - Eric Bogle.

  9. The Water is Wide - Trad. Sung by Lynn.

  10. Pocketful of Songs.
    Jacqui's. Lighthearted comment on travelling hopefully.

  11. Ar Lan A Mor - Welsh Love Song.

  12. Song of the Willow Pattern.
    Jacqui has an obsession with Willow Pattern crockery, & after careful. research she wrote this song to represent the story.

  13. Fijian Farewell - this song evokes an island experience.

'Herself' - All witten by Jacqui. 

  1. Dear Elizabeth - written about a distant ancestor.

  2. Journeys - Musical reflection on life's choices.

  3. When Morning Stands on Tiptoe - An anti hunting song.

  4. The Wee Sitooterie - Musical celebration of an everlasting circle.

  5. Creation- J & B. In the beginning.

  6. Hold Back the Dawn- J & B.

  7. Heather Across the Hills - J & B

  8. A Little Tribute.

  9. Windows of the World.
    A song to highlight the plight of those blind people who could be cured if there was more funding.

  10. On the Rope.
    Old Liverpool Tradition! J & B.

  11. Roses Roses - Love song by J & B.

  12. We Only Needed Time - J & B.

  13. Love's Last Song - Tribute to a friend.

  14. Rest and Be Thankful - Love song for Scotland.

  15. The Peacemaker.
    Celebrating a beginning of the peace process in Northern Ireland.

  16. Pink and Pleasant Land - J & B - also recorded by Ken Dodd.

Well Met

  1. Lakeland Love Song.
  2. Next Time Round.
  3. Wee Kirkcudbright Centipede.
  4. Hard Times.
  5. I Loved a Lad.
  6. The Winkle.
  7. Night Visiting Song.
  8. The Gum Tree.
  9. Liquid Gold.
  10. Sweet Nightingale.
  11. It's Never Too late.
  12. Well Met.

Liverpool's Favourite Folk Songs

Side One

Side 2

1. Ferry to New Brighton.

1. Back Buchanan St.

2. Mist over the Mersey.

2. Liverpool Lullaby.

3. What was the Colour.

3. Wallasey Centipede.

4. Paddy's Market.

4. Liverpool Lou.

5. On the Rope.

5. One O'Clock Gun.

6. Knowsley Zoo.

6. Double Thick Marmalade.

7. Minstrel of Hoylake.

7. Seth Davey.

8. Johnny Todd.

8. Liverpool Medley. Including Liverpool Home and Maggie May

9. Leaving of Liverpool.

10. The Pegue.

Jackie & Bridie - Live at the Liverpool Philharmonic - 3 disc set

Live recording of the entire farewell concert of Jacqui & Bridie, at the Royal Philharmonic Hall, 1987.

If you were there, this is a must! If you coudn't be there, this is the nearest it gets!

On 3 CD's.


Tools of the Trade - Still in production.

Now that Jacqueline is living in the Lake District she has become even more aware of some of the special features of its beautiful landscape, and was inspired to write the title song about the craft of dry stone walling.

It will include the following: -
Somewhere in America.
The Blacksmith.
Sovereign of the Seas.
Liquid Gold
Lord of the Dance
Plus others...

The Liverpool Spinners - Live in Brighton 1962

A live recording has recently come to light. Now available on CD.

Limited Edition book "Of These Years I Sing". 
The story of Jacqui & Bridie on the road in songs, pictures and 
stories. 10 + postage

Also now available on CD...

The following original LPs.

  • Jackie & Bridie on Stage

  • The Folk World of Jackie & Bridie

  • Jackie & Bridie Live at The Liverpool Philharmonic

  • 10th Anniversary of the Coach House Folk Club

  • A Place in the Choir

  • How Can You Keep from Singing

  • Next Time Around

  • Our Language

  • The Perfect Round

  • Hold Back the Dawn

  • Here's to You

  • Tour of Scotland

  • 'Tis a Gift to be Simple

  • Hello Friend

  • International Garden Festival, Liverpool '84 - Official Souvenir Recording

The following EP (the first EP recorded by Jacqui & Bridie)

  • To hear the Nightingale Sing/Love is Teasing/Pop goes the Folk Song/Michael Flynn

The following Singles

  • We only Needed Time/Come Me Little Son (unique recording)

  • Cathedral in Our Time/Lord of the Dance (the first item on sale at both the Liverpool Anglican and Catholic Catherdrals at the same time)

  • I Was a Maid/Scarborough Fair

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Jacqui's Best Loved Songs Vol. 1  10 (+P&P)

Jacqui's Best Loved Songs Vol. 2  10 (+P&P)

Jacqueline of All Trades  10 (+P&P)

Lady of The Sounds  10 (+P&P)

Herself  10 (+P&P)

Well Met  10 (+P&P)

Liverpool's Favourite Folk Songs  10 (+P&P)

Tools of the Trade  10 (+P&P)

Jacqui &  Bridie's Farewell Concert at the Liverpool Philharmonic - 3 CD set.

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The Liverpool Spinners Live in Brighton 1962 10 (+P&P)

50th. Year and Final Night of Jacqui & Bridie's Folk Club DVD 10 (+P&P)

Limited Edition Book - Of These Years I Sing  7.99 (+P&P)

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